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The following are testimonials from people who have experienced freedom from strongholds by the work of God through the discipleship training of Life Changers, whether as a student or as a relative or close friend of a student.


    They saved my son's life and I can guarantee that if your hooked on drugs you would get in a van and sell anything for that next fix or steal anything I would probably not have my child alive if it wasn’t for Lifechangers also the doors aren’t locked you can leave anytime you want but receiving donations for crosses, T-shirts and anything else they do to support this ministry is way more productive than sending these kids to a suboxone treatment program which is just a replacement drug that the government makes money off of which then your still just an addict on another drug and will cost you a fortune so don’t knock something you don’t even understand these are great living people doing great work and are saving lives. I’d rather see kids fundraising than parents burying their children ask any of them which they would rather have.


    My name is Mindi. I am from Oneida, TN.I started experimenting with drugs at 13, my addiction began at 15. I struggled with acceptance and never feeling like I was enough.

    So after many years of battling addiction, I came to the end of myself where I knew I had to change. I had a 7month old son. He deserved a mother that was sober, that could be someone he could depend on. So I came to LifeChangers Outreach in May of 2017. In the first year I experienced God and how real He was. He showed me in many ways of how important I was to Him. How He loved me and set me apart for this. Now it is June 2019, I have been staff here for a year now. I am happily married, I have my son and I just had a baby girl! God has poured out favor on my life since I came to Him. I am continually growing in God as He reveals Himself in different ways. I get to be a living testimony to others that there is Hope in Jesus!



    Two years ago I was at my darkest place in my life.I had lost everything and everyone in my life because of my addiction to meth and heroine I had felt all alone, lost, and just didn’t want to live anymore. So, since coming to LifeChangers I gave my life to the Lord- totally surrendered everything to him my whole life has changed I graduated the program. God has restored my relationship with my family and my children. I am currently a staff member and while here God lined up for me to marry the man of my dreams.

  • JODY

    My brother went through the program and has been sober for 3 1/2 years. He'd lost everything and this was his last option. He is worth the fight and helped him understand that and finally began to love himself.


    Jesus radically touched and transformed my life October 10th 2014 I was bound in addiction I was lost with no hope at life I was broken Beyond belief I made the decision to come to LifeChangers to give life another shot and because of the decision I made to change my life and forever live for Christ he has blessed me more than I deserve I’m a director in this ministry I have a beautiful wife and two wonderful kids I’m no longer bound I’m totally set free and I know I have a purpose and that is to fulfill the call on my life and help reach the lost I will forever be grateful and thankful for my Lord Jesus Christ and LifeChangers Outreach.



    It wasn't until i ended up under a bridge, strung out and homeless that I surrendered my life. I can remember the exact moment that I cried out to God for help. I believe God brought me to Life Changers, where I was able to break the addiction that kept me from experiencing true freedom.


    I was in addiction off and on for 17 years. I was bound in depression, anxiety, felling worthless and so many other lies. I had no idea who i was or how to fix myself. I came to the end of myself in 2013 and entered Life Changers Outreach. Since then God has radically changed my life and set me free! He showed me who I was and shows me daily. God broke my depression and anxiety and gives me peace daily. I’m so thankful for the opportunity God gave me to get help and receive freedom and deliverance. I’m so thankful for the family God placed me in. I’m so excited about the opportunity to bring more people in!

     ““Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.””

    ‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭1:5‬ ‭NIV



    I had a tormenting eating disorder- Bulimia, for 7 years. After coming to Life changers outreach, I had not only religion- law based thinking break off, I was completely set free from the chains of my eating disorder. I never thought I would be free because of needing to eat to survive, but God moved and at Life Changers I found freedom that I never knew was available. I am made new!



    I ended up losing my 2 children for 3 years, because I was so blinded by drugs.This made me feel hopeless, like I had no reason to live. I talked to my parole officer about finding a recovery facility because I desperately needed help. We found Life Changers Outreach, not by chance, but by the grace of God. Life Changers Outreach helped me to understand God's Word and spoke truth to the lies I once believed. I regained custody of my kids and have more in life than I ever thought I could.


    Saved my son's life... and they continue to give him a safe, faith based and loving place to rest his head, grow and work towards his goals.... we are so thankful as parents.


    Got to the point in life where I gave up on everything. Including myself. I felt like I was a failure to everyone.I was tired of hurting inside.I seen all the people LifeChanger’s helped to build a relationship with the Lord.So I went to the ministry and found out my true worth and who I really am.And most importantly God's love for me.

  • CODY

    I’m a former addict and a range two convicted felon. My addiction started at very young age and has lead me down a very dark and lonely life. I grow up watching my fathers side of the family struggle in addiction and during this time I watched the affects that it had on our house hold with my dad being one of the ones struggling. I always told myself that I would never fall into that kinda life style. Then came high school and all the party’s along with it before I knew it I was giving the enemy a little foot hold into my life and allowing him to use my family’s history against me. Before I knew what I was giving heed to the addiction it began to take over my life. By time I was eighteen I had two felonies on my record and I was on probation for six years. All this opened a door for me to seek out a relationship with my Heavenly Father cause I had no one else to turn to. I ended up being giving the opportunity to go to a faith based ministry where I gave sixteen months up to gain a more intimate relationship with God. Since then I’ve struggled and stumbled along the way but I’ve have always been able to find my way home. It’s places like this that keeps me going through the love of the Father that runs and overflows from one another.


  • TIM

    Two years ago, I got arrested on a drug charge. I had been in and out (mostly in) of addiction for the previous 15 years. A friend sent me information for LCO. God works through this program like nowhere I’ve experienced. This program and the people placed here pointed me to the one true answer to everything. An Almighty God who truly loves me. Once I came to the end of myself and put my life in His hands, everything changed. Not only have I experienced restoration in family and finances, but I now have a peace in my heart and purpose in life.



    There was a time in my life where I didn't know God. I had been baptized but didn't know what I was getting into or what it meant. More things happened to me. Being rejected and abused, I would stuff down the pain and hurt using drugs and I thought I had everything because the world had me. eventually I got so low that I was homeless and I decided it was time for a change. That was when I came to LifeChangers and realized who I am; I am a daughter of the Most High King! I have been redeemed and saved on November 11, 2018 and have ben living my life full and free since then.

  • DAVE

    I was trapped in addiction for over 25 years. But God with his infinite mercy saw fit to call me out of that mess through the power of the Holy Spirit and the blood of Jesus . I am forever changed ! Now I share my hope and experience with the students that come for the same miracle I got years ago. Being addition free is merely a byproduct of being a disciple of Jesus Christ!

    Everyone needs Jesus. It’s just more obvious to someone who struggles with life controlling problems like addiction. There is hope and his name is Jesus!



    4 yrs ago I was bound down in crack addiction. I met some women of God at a fundraiser in Lexington, Ky. At a Walmart that day I will never forget that was the day that Has forever changed my life. Those ladies poured into me I know it was God working through them. Since I’ve graduated from the program I have got married to a God fearing man whom I am very grateful for him. also I have completed a year of world harvest school of Ministry I am currently in my second year of World Harvest School of Ministry I am also attending supernatural school of ministry. I hope to one day be apart of a women and children’s center. I’m am so grateful for Life changers. This place is a blessing.


    • ANDREW

      I battled addiction for over 15 years before I came into LCO and could never understand why I couldn’t gain control over my addiction and bondages. Then I finally came in full submission to God and to His will for my life and chains were broken off, and the hole in my heart that was filled with drugs, alcohol, was suddenly filled with the Holy Spirit and my Lord Jesus Christ. I’ve been clean, sober, for over two years now and happy than I’ve ever been in my entire life. I thank God every day for this ministry and for the pastors, and teachers that introduced me to the love of our Father.


    • RONNIE

      I am a 40 year drug addict this is the different Life Changers has done for me. I will be clean 6 years December 12 and all I had to do was give my life to GOD. Life Changers helped me to get a relationship with GOD and fill the void in my life with him and not drugs. LIFE CHANGERS HAS CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER!!!!!!!


    • PAUL

      I didn’t come from what y’all call a bad family relationship I guess it all started in high school when the kids didn’t understand what I was going through and they picked on me for walking different I started using everything until I became homeless then it got severely worse I was flying my sign one afternoon and a little girl handed me a piece of paper that would change my life forever it said” shoot for the stars” I cried out to God and the next day He showed up. He sent a family of missionary’s to pick me up and two days later I was walking through the doors of LifeChanger’s and God set me on fire 🔥 and aloud me to go through something’s to get to the place where I’m at. To bring me a little bit further,into a deeper relationship with God our Father and His Son Jesus and Holy Spirit to help Me write the next chapter in the life to come


    • DEBRA

      Coming to Life Changers has changed my life it is brought me back to walking out my salvation in Jesus Christ I was the addict for 22 years..Hit rock bottom or so I thought until I actually hit rock bottom.. For all these years I felt like u was in a dark hole trying to climb out .. I could see the light at top but could never reach it.. my sister found Life Changers online and it gave me hope.. thanks to life changers I finally submitted and dedicated my life back to the Lord.. thank you Jesus and if it helped someone like me God will do it for you..


    • ALEX

      My story is like many ppls stories here... I started off a normal young man. I excelled in school, sports, and I was always pretty good at meeting and making friends. But I was always looking for purpose, I looked in all the wrong places women, parties, drugs... I just wanted a place to belong and be accepted. I started using various drugs at about the age of 12-13. I didn’t see a problem then and I managed to graduate High school top of my class... my life quickly spiraled out of control when school ended I spent my days working and my nights selling drugs, meanwhile being high the whole time. I wanted to make quick easy money and looked for instant gratification. I wasn’t concerned if I would be living and breathing the next day! I started to meet ppl who would only take me farther down. I hurt ppl and let my family down at every turn. I wasted potential over and over. One friend never gave up on me, he showed me what it meant to bear a brothers burden. He stayed faithful to me and sewed seeds of faith in me... before I knew I radically found my faith in his front seat and was saved then and there!! God put a plan in front of me as my first test of faith and it was to come to life changers and finish this! While here I learned to forgive, pray, worship, and how to be obedient to god... after just one year yes my circumstances have changed, but the miracle out of it is that I have changed in character radically and have become a servant/leader to those who past is like mine... Jesus used addiction and life changers as a tool to transform me in and out and I’m forever thankful!!



      I have been here for two years in and out of jail my whole life I am 55 years and LifeChangers showed me how to live in my life for Christ


    • CLINT

      I was a homeless raging alcoholic. The Lord chose me and rescued me with this place called LifeChangers. Today I get to tell people about the good news of Jesus.


    • DILLON

      I was homeless and addicted to basically everything u could put in a needle. But then God put me in a jail cell and sent me to this program and saved my life


    • ANGELA

      I grew up in Wasilla Alaska my family supported us by drug dealing I been around drugs my whole life as i got older I started using drugs by 13 I was addicted to methamphetamine and marijuana.. at 16 I was put into the foster care system. That was the beginning of me realizing that there was more to life than just drugs I was placed in a home that was normal so to speak. It gave me hope. By the age of 19 I was introduced to Jesus. I accepted in o to my heart. Things started to change I became more aware of Holy Spirit speaking to me.. I continued using IV drugs for 5 more years and I came to my end and realized I couldn’t get out of this on my own I needed help. That’s when I found Lifechangers Outreach. Today I am free from Addiction I am living a life ive always dreamed of I didn’t think it was possible But GOD made it possible. I am a licensed Pastor through World Harvest School of ministry and I am furthering my education that Lifechangers provides. With God all things are possible Amen



      I have served the Lord most of my life and one day I noticed that I had fallen completely out of God’s will. Leading me into a downward spiral of depression and heavy drinking. I was led astray by my own desires.. desperate, I cried out to God, he spoke His word over me Micah 7:8 rejoice not over me , my enemy though I fall I will arise and the Lord will be my light in the darkness..I came to life changers to get back to God’s will for my life. He has done nothing but the miraculous in my life.. I am back serving the Lord and that’s all I really want is to serve my Lord with all my heart…



      Growing up I didn’t have an earthly father in my lifeMy mother divorced him at a young age. That's when I experienced rejection which led to rebellion. I rebelled against everyone that tried to love me or look out for me because I truly felt unwanted. At the age of 12 I started smoking cigarettes, and drinking alcohol. From alcohol it went to smoking marijuana and doing pills and they became an addiction to me. I had hit rock bottom and lost everything that belonged to me. I was hopeless and ended up homeless. I came to a point in my life where I said that I had enough of riding the same roller-coaster. Dealing with the same situations, I wanted a change so I came to LifeChangers Outreach and found my true identity in Jesus Christ. I am redeemed and have been set free. He is restoring my relationship with my father and my family. I give all glory to God. I have a calling on my life, just as we all do. I love the scripture Jeremiah 29:11 (ERV) “I say this because I know the plans I have for you.” This message is from the Lord. “I have good plans for you. I don’t plan to hurt you. I plan to give you hope and a good future.” I’m not going back to darkness, I’m looking forward and putting God first in my life.


    • EMELIA

      It’s Emelia and this is my testimony I lived with my family as a carney didn’t have any reason for living I was just living on and didn’t know what my purpose was or who God truly was it wasn’t relational but when I came to life changers the Holy Spirit moved so deeply in me in cut a bunch of things that needed to be cut so I could get healed and know who I truly was in Christ Jesus when I came here the Holy Spirit used all the people there to minister to me and I’m so blessed to say I am free indeed and now more than ever before I feel loved like I have a voice and with God all things are possible through all the storms in the end I got to see break through all I can say is thank you Jesus thank you for the men and women who listened and we’re willing to say yes to the call.



      I struggled with addiction and identity issues for years, always searching for instant gratification and a way out. Just when I thought I had to settle with where I was at, God answered my prayers. I found LifeChangers and I found purpose but most of all I found Love.

    • JIMMY

      My name is Jimmy and I am 50 years old from Sparta, TN. My story is a little different. Fortunately, I had a good upbringing. I had good parents who loved Jesus and I was raised in church. That was my thorn; I was beat to “death” with religion. I could never be good enough and I could never walk the straight and narrow. All that being said, my life, and everything in it, spiraled into a deep, dark mental and spiritual death; engulfed by a drug addiction that lead to prison, mental institutions, drug rehabs, etc.

      I searched for years for an answer to unlock the doors of sin that had me bound. I tried everything and nothing worked. I couldn’t even die! I graduated from Teen Challenge and a seed was planted, but I did not water it. Again, no life – spiritual death. Then one day, I picked up the phone for one last ditch effort to have the freedom I never had. I called Life Changers Outreach. In this season of my life, this program has given me the key to my success; His name is Jesus! No longer am I searching for something alive in a dead place. I met Jesus here! I always knew about Him but now I know Him! My life is changed. 2 Corinthians 5:17.